Anal Sex for All

Anal Sex and the taboo of it

Girl anal sexI have to say that as a male I love anal sex with women! But I have to say it is hard to find a women that likes it. I have had a few girlfriends that said it was ok, a lot of girlfriends that hated it, but only one that said that she loved it.

Did she love it! She would not want to ever have regular sex it was always “put it in my ass” or “my ass is hungry for your dick” and at first this sounds great but too much of a good thing makes it go bad after a while you are craving something different.

There was one time where she woke up from a nap wanting to have anal sex and I said ok and then we started. Everything was going great (and some of you know were this is going) and she told me that she was starting to cum and as always she wanted me to pull out when she was and I did and at that time I found out the bad part about having anal sex.

She started to shit everywhere and it was explosive. As I pulled out she shot it like a rocket all over my face and chest. Anal sexI then turned my body and she shot some more all over my left arm and hip. It went all over the bed and the carpet in our apartment. Needless to say we loss our security deposit. She got up embarrassed and ran crying into the bathroom. When she came out about an hour later I had cleaned up myself in the other bathroom and she was apologizing left and right. I told her that it was ok and not to worry about it (even know that was something I never wanted to see). I also told her that it was natural and was to be expected after how many times we had done it, it was bound to happen. She was uncomfortable around me for the next two weeks and we were not having any sex at all during that time.

About two and a half weeks later I was at home and she came home early from work and caught me looking a anal girl webcam site I could not turn off the computer fast enough. After she saw me she asked me if I could do that to her and I was ready to go.

When we went into the living room and started everything was going great until she took off her dress and bent over asking me to put it in her ass. I went limp instantly. All I could remember was what happened before and I could not shake it. After about ten min of me trying to get hard again she started to cry, went into the bedroom and shut the door.

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Soon after that we broke up and subleased the apartment. I could not shake that image of what happened before. Know I have a girlfriend and she does not like anal sex and I have to say I do miss what I can not have. So if you have a wife or girlfriend that lets you do it the GREAT. Do not think the grass is greener on the other side because I have to say from experience that anything and everything can go BAD!